I maintain that everything is a balance between structure and randomness and these are artworks which I have produced which reflect this. All of these images were produced during the third year of my degree in 2009/2010

The first three images were my degree show in 2010.

Blue Drip from 4.73 metres

45 Lines from Random Numbers

Gross Randomness

The 'Lines from Random Numbers' were made by generating pairs of random numbers, using Excel spreadsheet, one in the range 1 to 360 for an angle in degrees and the other in the range 1 to 30 for a length in cm. The first line started in the appropriate corner (e.g. first quadrant, bottom left etc). At the end of each line the next angle was turned clockwise, relative to it, and the next line drawn. If a line reaches the edge of the frame it 'bounces' like a snooker ball and then completes the rest of it. I also told Excel to decide randomly how many lines (from 1 to 50) should be drawn. Each of this series is in a 49cm square frame.

6 Lines from Random Numbers

13 Lines from Random Numbers

32 Lines from Random Numbers

The next image used dice to decide on the painted letters order, colour and postioning.

Untitled, cut out wooden letters and acrylic on board, 1.2m x 60cm